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SIVEN passion for outdoor sports dates back to 1991 , for these almost 19 years we already have a lot of customers who are impressed of our high quality goods .

Our main purpose is to offer for sale our first-rate clothes which guarantied protection from cold , water , wind. You can be sure that nature caprices won´t be able to harm you and you will be overprotected . In the course of time we have understood the best method of work is to test our goods by our customers when they are pleased we are sure that we have done our work .

SIVEN most honest and most critical testimonials are given by our customers . To ensure you optimum comfort and convenience for each of our new collections we make consultations with global fashion trends , we are also interested in the views of our friends from the ski schools and our Olympic champions . We want to be sure that in addition to high quality and good looking our products are consistent with the dynamic day of ski slopes and in no way restricts your freedom.

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